I Told You, I Don't Have a Good Headline, Just Write Anything

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Told You, I Don't Have a Good Headline, Just Write Anything

. Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Site of the most dominant victory of 2009"

- Sports Illustrated's Web site has a fun feature where you can click on any name in the box score and pull up that player's profile page. You know what that means during spring training? A hilarious amount of "ERROR 404." 11 of them for the Cubs, by my count, and 6 of the 7 pitchers we used. ESPN isn't even going to try - they have box scores up that look like the ones you would download from Compuserve in 1995.

And the crowd meh-ed!

- How ND-centric is the Chicago media? Well, the Trib's newest Cubs headline is "Samardzija eager to earn starting job." This article went up AFTER he did his Rich Hill impression during the first two innings yesterday. Would this coverage even be happening without the ND football connection?

- I know it's the very beginning of the season, but I suppose that means that reporters have to knock off the rust as well. The game recap article in the tribune didn't even name the winning pitcher.

I think I just heard a snapping noise. Did you just hear a snapping noise?

- Although you've probably heard this by now, word is that Indians closer Kerry Wood (sigh) is on the mend with a sore back, and hasn't thrown off of a mound since last weekend. Right now, Indians fans are asking themselves "fluke nuisance or ominous portent?" We in Chicago are a giving lot, so please Cleveland, let the Cubs community answer this one - ominous portent. It's always ominous portent.
"So this is how Clooney felt when he left ER"

- DeRo's line in the Indians' opening 10-7 loss to the Giants: 1-3, 1 run, 3 RBI (each one of them a dagger to the collective hearts of the female commentariot).


Sarah Ellen said...

I love when people are ND-centric.