We've Got Ricketts!

Friday, January 23, 2009

We've Got Ricketts!

. Friday, January 23, 2009

If you build a robot investment financier, this is what it would look like. Doesn't he sort of look like he's named Hunter Pence?

Finally - after more false starts than a home-schooled Mormon couple on their wedding night - the Cubs have new ownership. Or, at least, they soon will. Why would we expect a done deal by now just because it's been promised for weeks? The Ricketts family - and their crippling Vitamin D deficiency - has been named the front-runner to buy our beloved Cubbies at a whopping price tag of $900 million. Considering the Trib bought the team for $20.5 million, that number surely just made P.K. Wrigley shit himself from the grave. Hell, I'm not even dead, and I'm in clear and present danger of doing the same. Spicy Thai curry for breakfast and the monetary valuation of childhood heroes will do that to a man.


Now, I'm going to go ahead and say that it's the height of jackassery to try to predict owner performance right now. Most of us 500-section schlubs are so removed from the kind of person that can afford the team that judging them or their devotion to the team on a blog they could buy for the money they find on laundry day wouldn't be all that productive. But I do like that Ricketts (we need a new nickname - work on this in the comments section, people) followed so many of our paths and lived across from his beloved park at some point. I also dig that he met his wife in the bleachers - even though you have to not picture the normal too drunk crying girl and K-Fed New Era hat guy matching that you always seem to run into up there. Above all, you have to recognize that the Ricketts family (which I think sounds a lot better off the tongue than "the investment consortium") has at least the basic knowledge of what the Cubs and their fans are about. And we'll take that for now. What's the worst than can happen - we don't win the World Series? I think we've all proven we can deal with that.


J.J. said...

If anyone needs a nickname it's that family. But at least they are richer than God, so they have that going for them. I'm drawing a blank on a nickname though. Maybe later it will come to me.

emily said...

How about Daddy Warbucks? It'll give you plenty of opportunities for some dirty euphemisms.