Yesterday: A Day of Horribleness

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesterday: A Day of Horribleness

. Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's been a rough 24 hours:

Ron Santo - one sad panda

- Ron Santo, once again, did not get into the Hall of Fame. Which means that he will probably never be inducted - at least probably not while he's still with us. I'm angry about that, but I'm even angrier with every. single. host. on WGN devoting 30 minutes to yammer about it when it's clear they know not dick about baseball. Cathy and Judy, John Williams, and Steve Cochran, as accomplished as they may be in other arenas, are not who I go to for baseball insight. These are the people who say "I'm just happy when any Chicago baseball team is winning." Listen up, jackasses - if you want to call the Vets Committee and bunch of goat-blowing Kentuckians, then at least know why you're doing so.

Eat up, you broke bastard!

- What do the Tribune Company and my aunt's worthless ex-husband have in common? They've both filed for bankruptcy. Which probably means that Sam Zell is going to have to start eating Chef Boyardee six days a week and living out of a van. While the Trib bankruptcy filing didn't include the Cubs, it's still depressing for any Chicagoan.

Savor the flavor of DeRosa. He may not be around much longer

- For the ladies: It appears that the potential Jake Peavy deal might end with Mark DeRosa in Philadelphia. Terrible news for the lady Cub fans (and bloggers who enjoy a good heart-defect joke), but you must admit, Philly could use a little sexying up. Stallone can't do it all by himself.

There's also freezing rain coming down, but I think that's enough for now. I'm going to crawl back into bed with a comic book and a bottle of Jack. Wake me when it's April.


J.J. said...

You forgot that the Governor, who is a Cubs fan, was arrested. While a certian famous Sox fan is now the President-elect.