WAIW to Vets Committee: Vote Santo In, or Fornicate Thyself

Monday, December 8, 2008

WAIW to Vets Committee: Vote Santo In, or Fornicate Thyself

. Monday, December 8, 2008

Vote Ron Santo 08!

Today, yet again, Cubs broadcaster Ron Santo is primed for either euphoric bliss or crushing disappointment. Up until now, it's just been disappointment. Around noon today, the Veterans Committee will either vote Ronny into Cooperstown, or again kick the doe-eyed puppy that is the soul of Mr. Santo. He fell five votes short last time. Five. Fucking. Votes. And unlike some of those falsely-modest "it's an honor to be considered" athletes, Ronnny wants it bad. And has said so many, many times.

One factor in Ron's career numbers: Bitches did not know about his diabeetus either

I will admit that I'm not an impartial devotee of the Ron. Ever since he shook the heavens with that unearthly "NOOO!" following Brant "King of the Dicks" Brown's dropped fly ball against the Brewers in '98, I have been an unabashed Santo fan. I'm too young to have seen him play, but my mom and grandfather watched almost all of the games from that 1969 season that killed more Cubs fans than expired Old Style. "This Old Cub" will make any Cubs fan a Santo fan. It's up there with "Brian's Song" on the list of movies during which it's okay to get something in your eye. For all these reasons and more, I proudly sport a Cubs #10 jersey to the majority of home games. So instead of me trying to convince you, I'll share instead a Bleacher Report article written by a professed neutral:

Pat and Ron, doing what the kids call "straight pimpin' "

Santo would win five Gold Gloves at third base during his time with the Cubs, establishing himself as the elite third baseman in the National League during the decade.

At the plate, Santo was All-Star caliber as well. Santo still, entering 2009, ranks in the top 10 in most offensive categories for the Cubs franchise. Santo ranks fourth in home runs and fifth in runs batted in all time for one of the oldest franchises in major league baseball.

He is ahead of Hall of Fame players like Ryne Sandberg in many offensive categories.

So, Santo was one of the greatest Cubs ever. He deserves to have his number retired on the North Side, no question. But the Hall of Fame?

Let's compare Santo's numbers to a no doubt, first ballot Hall of Fame player not many fans question.

Santo hit 342 career home runs; this Hall of Famer hit 268.

Santo had 1,331 runs batted in, only 26 fewer than the Hall of Famer's 1,357.

Santo has a higher career batting average (.277-.267), on-base percentage (.362-.322), and slugging percentage (.464-.401). His OPS is .103 points higher than the Hall of Fame player (.826-.723).

This Hall of Famer won 10 Gold Gloves in the same era Santo won his five.

Who's the mystery player who's already enshrined in Cooperstown?

Brooks Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles. And what's more remarkable about Santo's numbers when comparing them to Robinson's is that Santo accomplished these numbers in more than 2,500 fewer career at-bats (because, in large part, to the diabetes cutting his career short).

So I ask you, the public: Is Ron Santo a Hall of Famer? Based on the evidence above, I have to say he's long over due.

We'll see this today if he gets in - guaranteed

Today, while you're speading the chicken blood around the stone altar to appease the various Voodoo Loa to whom you owe your allegiance, go ahead a throw a little extra blood around for Ron Santo. Loa knows he deserves it.


J.J. said...

Well, once again the old boys club that is the HOF voting committee, has shown they have no sense whatsoever and have snubbed Santo -again. Let me make this clear - and I especially mean you Joe Morgan - NO ONE DESERVES TO BE IN THE HOF MORE THAN RON SANTO.