Signings, Rumors, and Ranting

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Signings, Rumors, and Ranting

. Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aaron Miles runs like a girl

It's been quite the busy day here, after months of nothingness, 3 posts in a day.  Though I'm not entirely certain anyone is actually still checking the site.  Regardless, we have a duty as half-assed bloggers to report the news when we feel like it / have watched enough movies for a week / haven't started drinking yet.  After dealing DeRosa, the Cubs also announced that they have agreed to a 2-year deal with Aaron Miles.  I will limit the Cardinal bashing (and you all should too) as we went through this with Edmonds and then blah blah blah everyone loves.  So as long as Miles gets us some hits, whatever.  He is coming off of a decent year, batting .317 and playing in 7 different position (compare that to DeRosa's .285, for a little perspective).  With the loss of DeRosa, this is a good pick-up and I think will help us this year.  

Jason Marquis rumored to be off to Colorado; residents of Skokie and Evanston plan protest

Other news is the Jason Marquis is going to be out the door (there is some justice in this world) and on his way to the Rockies.  I cannot even imagine how many home runs he will give up out there.  Supposedly, we will receive Luis Vizcaino in exchange for Marquis, though the real reason is to move his mind-boggling $10 million salary for 2009, in exchange for Vizcaino's $5 million.  That $5 million, word has it will be used to try to land Milton Bradley to the Cubs.

Milton Bradley  Photo Enlargement
No one has looked this good in an A's uniform since MC Hammer

The signing of Milton Bradley would give us what we need in a left-handed batter (though I know John is against this).  He hit .321 for Texas last year and can play in the outfield.  Problem is, he has spent most of his time as a DH and committed 3 errors in the 19 games he played in right field last year. Throughout his career he has mostly played center, but hasn't played their consistently since 2005.  While I like the addition of the bat, I wonder where he fits in.  Should be an interesting couple of days.