Cubs Trade DeRosa, Local Girls Heartbroken

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cubs Trade DeRosa, Local Girls Heartbroken

. Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I know Mark, we wouldn't want to live in Cleveland either

After an off-season of nothing but talk, the Cubs proved they are actually capable of sealing the proverbial deal, though the move made is questionable.  Today they announced that Mark DeRosa would be sent to Cleveland in exchange for 3 minor-league pitchers: Jeff Stevens, John Gaub, and Chris Archer (also known collectively as who?).  We here at WAIW have been supporters of DeRo, and I don't know if this was exactly a great move.  It seems that Hendry thought Mark wouldn't be able to match last year's productivity and are looking to the future.  All this logic is said to have no effect on the owner's of "Got to Second Base with DeRosa" shirts.  We here wish Mark the best and are now definitely going to get tickets for the Indians series at Wrigley with Woody and DeRosa filling up their roster.  Let's take a look at who we got:

Jeff Stevens loves America and if you don't like it you can kiss his red, white and blue ass!

That's right, we got ourselves the Olympian.  Looking at his bio, he is 2 weeks younger than me, which is always nice and depressing. The scouting report has him with good strike-out ability but crap for control (sound familiar?).  He is coming off of his best minor-league season, in which he appeared in 61 games with and overall 2.45 ERA.

Judging talent strictly by the number of images available of you on Google, I am not happy with the looks of John Guab

Pure strike-out pitcher with 2 minor league seasons under his belt.  Known as a great strike-out pitcher, he as averaged 13.8 Ks per 9 innings, which admittedly is pretty sick.  That being said, he is still playing in Single A teams, which I believe competes in regional corporate softball leagues.  Hopefully we can see an impact, but I don't think Guab is going to make that big of a jump, so he is a couple years out. 

He cannot legally consume alcohol

The final piece of the trade was star of the Lake County Captains (oh you haven't heard of them?!), 19-year old Christ Archer.  Seeing the start of this article I assumed he would have to be tearing up the Single A's...then I saw the stat line "in four starts this season for Single-A Lake County, Archer is 1-2 with a 2.60 ERA and in 17.1 innings has allowed only five hits but walked 18 while striking out 13."  This doesn't exactly sound promising.  

So there you have it.  We traded DeRosa, a valuable piece of our team, for 3 young pitching prospects.  I have to think that we couldv'e gotten more for him, and this isn't exactly the move that will help us win a Series anytime soon.  Here's to Cubs management. 


KD said...

I am one of those proud owners of the "I want to get to second base with Mark DeRosa" tshirts. I will still wear it proudly.....

Steve said...

Just because a man lives in Cleveland should not prevent anyone from allowing him to awkwardly touch ones breast. That much is obvious.

Lauralee said...

Um...I feel somehow that this post included a few jabs at me....

Bree said...

Damn, I need one of those shirts. I ... am sad.