Best of WAIW: 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of WAIW: 2008

. Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 marked the start of Wasting Away In Wrigleyville.  We have gone through a lot of growth from the opening posts and even got people to inexplicably start reading us regularly (even if unintentionally; thanks to some tools by Google, some of the more bizarre search terms that led to our site include: “Aramis Ramirez gets the reach around”, “Shit my pants”, and “1950s love songs”).   We’ve had a lot of fun with it, and as much as we may struggle to come up with posts, we know the bread and butter of the site is our photo captions.  As today marks the end of the year, I decided to go through and offer up a “Best Of” (err...Best We Could Do?) on the year...Enjoy!

Mark DeRosa in "Breakin' 3: Please Don't Hit It At Me."

Ronny: "Hey, I used to play your video game when I was a kid."
Griffey: "I'm going to end my life."

He could hit four grand slams a night, and his name would still be Hunter Pence. Some shame doesn't wash off so easily.

One man's great catch is another man's shame for life. You decide which is which

"Hmm ... fastball over the plate? Or non-sinking sinkerball over the plate? Decisions, decisions..."

Even while playing centerfield for a first place team, Reed Johnson always takes time out for his kegels.

AP Photo

Paul McAnulty really wants Starting Lineup to make a comeback

Lenny Ignelzi, Associated Press / June 3, 2008
No one informed Ronny Cedeno that PETCO had recently removed Crocodile Mile from the base path

Lenny Ignelzi, Associated Press / June 3, 2008Marquis, having already gotten a win for June, set to take 3 1/2 week vacation

AP Photo by Lenny Ignelzi / June 4, 2008
With the Charlie Brown Theme Song playing over the P.A. System in PETCO, Lee can't make out Lou's instructions of "Wah-wah-wah walla wah-wah"

AP Photo by Mark J. Terrill / June 5, 2008
Good News: Great Catch; Bad News: Threw out Back
Please send Werther's Originals to 1060 West Addison, Chicago, IL 60613 ATTN: Feel Better Jim

"Ouch, my heart!"...too soon?

After spending my childhood riding around in my aunt's car, it's nice to see a Geo that isn't a piece of shit

Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez / June 12, 2008

Mr. Lou Piniella congratulates Mr. Reed Johnson, telling him to head to the closest gin mill, find the most ossified broad, and make some whoopee.

Greg Maddux, prior to attending his weekly swing party

On 1980s television night at Wrigley, Greg Maddux dressed as Corky

AP Photo by Mike Carlson / June 19, 2008

Haven't not seen "Rookie of the Year" in his native Japan, Fukudome is especially susceptible to the hidden-ball trick

Tribune Photo by Phil Velasquez / June 21, 2008

A.J. Pierzynski, giving reason #13,128 to think he is a big douche

Tribune Photo by Charles Cherney / June 25, 2008

Aramis Ramirez flies The Invisible Jet to home plate, scoring easily

Tribune Photo by Charles Cherney / June 25, 2008

Geo Soto and Kerry Wood practicing for the Clubhouse rendition of "The Miracle Worker"

Tribune Photo by Charles Cherney / June 25, 2008
Ted Lilly, practicing to become the next Jim Abbott

"'re out!"

This Denny's assistant manager got the night off to shut down the Cubs over eight innings.

Rick Ankiel insists that the sudden power of leviation had nothing to do with the copious amounts of horse steroids in his system

I imagine this is the face he made when Sweet Lou told him he'd be playing his games in the Oakland Coliseum 

The last thing a slow-footed photographer ever sees

Miguel Tejada reacts to me jiggling my keys in front of him.

On July 22, Estelle Getty walked the plank of life

"Jesus doesn't save douchebags!"

Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson gives catcher Paul Hoover a piece of essential information: "Your Mystery Date wears a hat."

When asked who the best closer in baseball was, Rob Drake responded "Only Jesus can save."

Geo Soto congratulates Howry on joining the Pen15 Club

I haven't seen a fat kid get abused this much since I watched "Angus" on cable

Remember the last time you thought bandwagon jumping was a good idea?

Mike Piazza called - he wants his vagina back

"Will levitate bats for food"