The First Geo to Win an Award

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The First Geo to Win an Award

. Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Cubs backstop/Spanish-language soap opera star Geovany Soto has been named the National League Rookie of the Year, winning yet another monumental victory for thin goatees. This brings the award to Addison and Clark for the fifth time. The first four winners have had, shall we say, mixed results after bringing home the award. Stat time:

Leading the league in both hits and mustaches

1961 - Billy Williams
Lifetime .290 hitter
6-time All-Star
Cubs #26 retired
Hall of Fame selection (85.71 percent of the vote)

Lesson: Maybe don't confront your fears

1962 - Ken Hubbs
First rookie to win a Gold Glove
78 consecutive games without an error

Lifetime .247 hitter

Took flying lessons to combat fear of flying. Unfortunately died in a plane crash two weeks after receiving his pilot's license. Eeesh.

Jerome's position

1989 - Jerome Walton
Ended up playing for 6 years over 10 years, ending with the Devil Rays in 1998
A career .269 batting average

Also a career bench player
25 home runs and 132 RBI in ... 10 years in the Majors.

Kerry Wood's 2005 baseball card

1998 - Kerry Wood
20-strikeout game in rookie year
Fastest to reach 1000 strikeouts in MLB history

NL strikeout leader, 2003

2 time All-Star selection (2003, 2008 selection derailed by blister [the horror!])

2004-2007: Let's Not Talk About It (F you, Dusty!)

Geovany Soto, with an optimistic evaluation of how many players on the Reds are worth a crap

So let's hope that Geo keeps up these numbers at the plate for a good decade or so. Or even 9 years - I'd be happy with 9 years of our catcher hitting around .290. He's certainly proven that he can manage a staff and keep up his phenomenal 2007 level over an entire season. I'd criticize his .176 career playoff average, but which of his teammates am I going to point to and say "do that"? Congrats, Geo, and may you long make us forget Jason Kendall.


J.J. said...

Wow, way to rain on our parade, WAIW. Let's just hope Geo does not experience a Sophomore Slump.