Well, Shit.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, Shit.

. Thursday, October 2, 2008

You don't even want to know the disturbing things that my sister said after this home run

There are certain moments in a Cubs fan life where all other priorities need to take a back seat (John, I’m looking at you – trying to get a masters degree is more important?! Weak).  Personally, I had been in New York  for the early portion of the week, with a flight back scheduled for 5 pm on Wednesday assuming there would be a logic in the game times.  When MLB decided on a time that was inconvenient for everyone interested, a decision had to be made.  That decision: move up my flight by 4 hours and get home in time for the game.  After all, you never know when this will happen again.

"Hehehe dar's gold in dem bleachers!"

Getting back around 4, it allowed me plenty of time to arrive at Bernie’s (despite being kicked out twice in one day last time I enjoyed myself there…it’s all political) before first pitch.  With the early game time, most of the revelers actually had tickets.  Not being that fortunate (well, maybe not in hindsight), I was able to secure a table for the game.  Things were all coming together, and it was time to kick some ass.

Dempster just realizes he left his garage door open

It all started well enough.  Solid pitching, then a 2-run blast from DeRo that put us up.  I think I felt a collective sigh of relief in the bar at that point.  Unfortunately, the joy did not last that long. Dempster had been struggling with command all night (I blame the beard) and it came back to haunt him in the 5th.  With the bases loaded, he gave up a grand slam to James “Good Thing Nomar Sucks Now” Loney.  It was the ultimate ball kick.

Calm down, Cubs fans.  Decide after tonight. 

Things didn’t get better, as Dempster was pulled before even making it out of the 5th, and the bats struggled the rest of the day.  Double plays, strike-outs, no patience.   It all was present after the promising start.  The Cubs played like they knew they were going to lose after the grand slam, and they need to fix that by tonight.

Prior to arriving at the gate, this man had to run back to his car because he forgot his shawl

Big question mark as to which Z you are going to get tonight.  If we get the Z of our collective wet dreams, we can right this ship and take the series to L.A. tied.  Get the Toro Loco we could be in trouble.  Being a Cubs fan for the past 25 + years, I have to believe that we will take this one, and win in 4.  Here’s to optimism!


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