Poll Results: Old Timey Scoreboards Kick Ass

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poll Results: Old Timey Scoreboards Kick Ass

. Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wait, where are we supposed to watch advertising mascots race?

The votes are in, and you say the only thing that would match Manny's enormous ego in sheer crappiness is if they put up one of those epilepsy-causing monstrosities that are so popular in other ballparks. We completely agree. The hand-operated Wrigley scoreboard is one of the best features of the park - it almost makes up for the troughs in the men's room. That's really a post for another time - suffice to say, someone dropped a dollar in there once when I was there, and someone else decided later that it was worth $1 to touch pee. But I'm sort of rambling now.

Anyway, check out our new poll, where you can play armchair art critic and rank the Tim J from Utah-inspired logos that I created last night in a fit of shaky-handed artistry. Or you inform me that I need further art instruction - you know, if you want to be a dick about things.


wolfie said...

Ok, I'm going with Zub. Not only because he's the most artistically accurate of the bunch, but because of what he represents: zombies don't get nervous and jittery when it's time to get things done, they are insatiable, they scare the crap out of people, they kill everyone, and while they may take their sweet-ass time - because they have forever - they win in the end.

I want a team of zubbies.

Steve said...

This blog is becoming too zombie-centric. I guess that's what happens when you start one with a guy whose fantasy football team name is "Thhhheeeeeee Brrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnsssss"

John said...

Dude, NOTHING is EVER too zombie centric. That's a fact. You'll be thanking me when I'm saving you from the upcoming Zombie apocalypse, when you're crying and thinking "oh fuck, I wish I paid more attention to Dawn of the Dead"