Poll Results: Again, It's Harry

Friday, October 10, 2008

Poll Results: Again, It's Harry

. Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm suspecting we at WAIW may have to discontinue the use of Harry Caray has a poll choice. He wins over all like some sort of conquering barbarian with coke-bottle glasses and a liver that looks like skirt steak that spend too long on the grill. At this juncture, I'm fairly certain that I could put up a poll asking "Who do you think will collect the most RBIs over the next three seasons?" and Harry would still take the crown despite the noticeable handicap of death.

"Well, look who comes crawling back"

This poll did provide some interesting insight, however. As the good vibes abounded leading up to the NLDS, our man in the booth jumped out to a 13-vote lead. After Ryan Dempster gave up so many walks and the offense only walked back to the dugout, the collective "oh shit" was reflected on the WAIW poll. Down 1-0 and cursing the lack of dependable starting pitching, you cried out for the steady (partial) hand of Mordecai "3-Finger" Brown, who is quickly becoming my favorite old-time Cub. As our offense showed itself to be more pathetic than that really old guy sitting in the student section at a college football game, you suddenly cried out for the mighty thunderbat of Hack Wilson, who still holds the season record for RBIs. After we played soccer on the infield during the second game, Ryne Sandberg's fielding percentage looked pretty damn good.

Brown's 3 fingers > Dempster's 5 fingers

Then we all just got depressed, which is why I probably should have included a choice of "Whiskey and a gun."


Steve said...

nice long gone lonesome boys reference.

sarah said...

ewww gross picture