Len and .... emptiness!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Len and .... emptiness!

. Monday, October 27, 2008

Len and Bob, wearing matching shirts for their Christmas card picture. Anyone catching a Bert and Ernie vibe?

It seems that just a couple of months ago, blogs across Cubdom were celebrating the contract extensions that would keep Len and Bob on the air for another four years. Then Ned Yost had to go and run another edition of the Brewers into the ground. Afterward, the Brewers named a guy with all the charisma of a talking baseball uniform to be the interim scapegoat/manager. Having mortgaged their future on Cheese Chugger Sabathia and come up with only the wild card (although - gulp - a minutely better post-season than us), it was clearly time to bring someone new into the organization. And so word is we just may lose our beloved broadcaster and mustache afficionado to the sausage racers to the north.

"Bob, what do you think your chances of landing the job are?"

As Cubs fans, we have an embarassement of riches in both radio and television broadcasting. I prefer Pat and Ron myself, but that's probably just because I grew up listening to games more than I watched them on television. When I do settle in front of the television, I'm well aware that Len and Bob are one of the better broadcast teams in baseball, and certainly one of the best the Cubs have had since I've been around. If you're not convinced, then watch just one ESPN-broadcasted game with Jon "Meh" Miller and Joe "Holy fucking shit I hate his work in the booth so much that I can't even come up with a concise nickname for this assbag" Morgan. I equate the experience to listening to Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd all season, and then suddenly someone puts in a Limp Bizkit album. Just the thought of the sound of their voices makes me break out in a rash of profanities.

Brenly tells Hawk Harrelson to cut it out, lest Bob have to drink his milkshake

As much as we hate the Brewers, and as much as we love Len and Bob, we can't really hold it against the man if he wants to get back into baseball as a manager. If this happens, we'll have to appropriately mourn, since as the manager of the Brewers, Big Bob will probably have to become dead to us. For now we'll just content ourselves with staring at pictures of his mustache and weeping in our candle-lit apartments, while Semisonic's "Closing Time" plays in the background. It's either that, or do something really creepy.

Brenly during his stint with the D-Backs, attempting to seduce Humbert Humbert


wolfie said...

Hey guys, off topic, but:
How do you feel about Tim J.'s suggestion (in Carrie Muskat's most recent mailbag) to replace the cute, chubby, smiley cubby bear with a "menacing," snarling, blood-dripping-from-his-chin, cubby bear so we can ditch this lovable cutesy loser thing and get mean and mad and win one? (I added the snarling part, and the blood part).

As far as Bob goes, he'll stay away from the fat drunks (but in a bad way) to the north if he knows what's good for him.