Wrigley Field North to Actually Become Wrigley Field North

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wrigley Field North to Actually Become Wrigley Field North

. Sunday, September 14, 2008

There needs to be a disclaimer that reads "except during series against the Cubs"

Cubs/Brewers games are usually half-blue and red affairs. At least, since our recent winning ways have brought so many "lifelong fans" out of the woodwork. And it's hard to hate on Miller park. No worries about rain, great sight lines, and the ability to actually tailgate a baseball game have led to some amazing experiences in the otherwise avoidable city of Milwaukee. I can't tell you how much I enjoy throwing out some folding chairs and putting on Rush (I'm not sure why) for three hours of drinking and grilling prior to a baseball game. The team did some sabre-rattling about stopping the drinking and grilling, but then realized it's the only reason that half the people make that slog up 294. As much as I hate the obnoxious Brewer fans ("like overprotective little league parents," according to Bill Simmons), I can't hate a venue that allows tailgating - I just love it so much. And so too do the many Cubs fans that give Miller Park its only sellouts of any season when Our Boys in Blue make the short trip north to play in Major League Baseball's smallest market.

Not pictured: Freudian sausage obsession

Since the Astros are currently recoving from the Wrath of God (TM), MLB has gone and decided to make Wrigley Field North official - at least for today and tomorrow. Hopefully the Astros aren't distracted by the damage done to their home state (we're not heartless) and we get a couple of great baseball games. Being the positive gents we are, we're going to go with "rested" and not "rusty" to describe the bullpen. This late in the season, you've got to love a couple of days for everyone to rest and focus on the stretch run. I'm still having trouble believing that the season is almost over.

A map of far northern Illinois

Today sees the return of Carlos Zambrano, and I think I'm not alone is saying that I'll be holding my breath until something like 3 hours after the game. The man used to be a workhorse and untouchable, and now every time he gets on the mound, he terrifies the shit out of me. Will he have control? Is there something wrong with him? Will he keep his emotions in check? Am I obsessing too much? All questions will be answered - or not - at 7 tonight. Stay tuned, campers.