Weekend Recap: (Yawwwwn) Playoffs Yet?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Recap: (Yawwwwn) Playoffs Yet?

. Monday, September 29, 2008

"They said I couldn't have a hat, but Daryl Ward has one. What the hell?"

We here at WAIW are passionate about our Cubs baseball, living and dying with every pitch. That being said, it was nice to not worry about our place in the playoffs for the previous six games. Win or lose, it's easy to see the upsides and rationalize the problems. But all in all, I'd say we played pretty well with lineups heavy on the Blanco, Cedeno, and Hoffpauir side of things. And might I say, I'm enjoying Hoffpauir making the most of his time in the bigs. Now all that's left to do is steal a shitload of towels and jerseys from Wrigley, and it's back off to the minors. We'll call you next year if Fuku hasn't straightened out his hitting yet.

Must ... not ... make ... obvious joke ...

Due in large part to Bob Fucking Howry, the Brewers are in the playoffs for the first time since I've existed. Normally, I would hate this fact, but how fun is it to cheer the Second Annual Mets Collapse Telethon and 5K Fun Run? And to the Temple of Escalator Doom that they call Shea: You suck, and I'll fucking see you in Hell. Not even ever-maudlin ESPN can seem to find much faux-sentiment at the death of this shit hole. Call it a mercy killing.

Oh no, the escalator sees us. Run!!!!!

We won't be starting against the Dodgers until Wednesday, but we here at WAIW are going to give you our take on the matchups in the lead up to what could prove to be The Year. With the rotation set, we'll take a look at the pitching later today. Stay tuned, campers, and Go Cubs Go.

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