Weekend Recap: Awesome, Awesome, Rats, Rats

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Recap: Awesome, Awesome, Rats, Rats

. Monday, September 1, 2008

Fukudome translates roughly to "Sad Panda"

This weekend started off rocking, with big wins on Thrusday and Friday against the Phillies. Then I stopped going to games. What the hell has happened in my absence? No offense, Z getting scratched, 1000s of disappointed fans that just wanted to sing? This cannot stand. Therefore, I will return to Wrigley today and help them get back on track.

Friday saw Rich Harden looked as average as Meryl Streep at her high school prom, only lasting 5 and and allowing 2 runs to cross. On the plus side, I saw a guy wearing a "I have a Hard On for Harden" t-shirt, which truly made me happy. Fortunately, Gaudin, Samaretc., and Marmol came in and didn't allow another run. The Cubs overcame the early deficit to win 3-2. I proceeded to celebrate until 4 am (damn you Hangge Uppe).

Not sure if this was taken right after he got an out or right before he passed his kidney stone

Saturday brought Ted Lilly, who constantly looks like he is one call that doesn't go his way from crying hysterically. He wasn't absolutely horrible, but unfortunately the Cubs bats decided they were in fact not going to show up (see Sunday for more). We ended up losing 5-2, leaving 9 runners on and the crowd at Rock Bottom saddened (all 12 of us).

The Phillies celebrate by giving each other "Hernie Checks!"

Sunday was a day of celebration, officially warming John's new apartment with a delightful family function. In addition to selling numerous koozies, we were also given much praise from John's aunts (I am expecting a comment). The Cubs looked as powerful as the gas in John's apartment...not present. Z got scratched because of a tired arm - which is potentially really scary - and Sean Marshall got the start. We lost. I apologize for less and less coverage each day, but the fellow-blogger and his brother are sitting in my apartment as I write this waiting to get in line for the bleachers. So with that, I'm out.


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Love the koozies, am waiting to gift them when the Cubs get back to earning the W.
When will there be a game watching party? I will get a driver and bring some koozie filler.