Unprofessional Photography: The Clincher In Pictures

Monday, September 22, 2008

Unprofessional Photography: The Clincher In Pictures

. Monday, September 22, 2008

In a stroke of ridiculous luck, two of the tickets that Emily and I purchased from a Las Vegas hotel room in the cold morning hours of February 22 happened to be for Saturday's clinching game against the Cardinals. I'd heard the odd individual here and there tell me of the awe of being at Wrigley for the 2003 clincher, and I never really connected it to something that could happen to me. The idea that I'd be at a division-clinching game in person seemed foreign to me, and even as the magic number did exactly what it needed to do for me to see the fateful game, I couldn't really believe it was happening. I'd considered bringing neither my beloved W flag nor the camera - after all, what better way to jinx? But I brought both, and managed to capture some lasting memories of beer and baseball-fueled ecstasy. Without further ado, my shaky-cam efforts:

My piece of partially-obstructed heaven

This was ... confusing

The game was so engrossing that even my beer was watching

Anticipation in the 9th. It was nerve wracking, and quite tense. I'll never say this again, but I'm somewhat surprised I didn't poop myself

And ka-boom, we're champions

It struck me that I'd never actually seen a championship pileup in any sport. Hell of a first for me

Way better than a JumboTron

First three rows may get wet, like Seaworld, or a very disgusting strip club

Press box - still full of joyous screaming

I wanted to call this one "Raking Up Glory," but now I see that it's clearly not a rake

Never seen Soriano race around the outfield that fast

As close as I'll get until about 3 pay grades from now

And now right field

I'd say the Brewers 2008 NL Central shirts were on their way to Macedonia, but I don't think they were ever printed

Right after the game, this strange wedding procession started. Add an evil-looking midget, and you've got a scene from a David Lynch movie

Baseball, McDonald's, and a wedding in the street. It was AmericaFest 2008.

Error 405: Ran Out of PacMan Jones Champagne Jokes

Best "Go Cubs Go" I've ever shouted

One reason I don't mind the upper deck: seeing the lake

I had to explain this billboard to Steve the next day - the NHL has truly been through some tough times

Sort of like a blog headline, except missing the whole !!!1! part