Surprisingly, Marshall Loses Against Santana

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surprisingly, Marshall Loses Against Santana

. Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Casey McGehee has gone from a "Who the hell is that?" to old-veteran in the span of 4 days. 

Ok.  I know Chad Gaudin technically got the loss, but that sort of ruins the headline.  If I were to anticipate a game we would lose to the Mets, surely it would be the Santana game.  Of course, the Cubs insisted on donated the win to his cause by committing an incredibly stupid throwing error from Gaudin to Lee (should it even be considered a throwing error if it only has to go 6 feet?!  Chad will not be winning a crisp, new $100 bill on Bozo Buckets anytime soon) which allowed the Mets to break the game open.  

Sean Marshall imitates James Dean when Lou asks "Who are you trying to lose the game to?" responding "Who do you got?"

The Cubs managed only 2 runs off of a respectable 9 hits, including 2 from Reed Johnson and the returning-to-form Fukudome.   Unfortunately, we couldn't get things going after the 3rd and ended up losing 6-2.  While much of the drama has been removed from this series after we clinched against the Cardinals, I still like beating the Mets and hope we can take the next 2 of this 4 game set.  To me, I would actually like to see the Brewers (aka our biatches) as the Wild Card team over the Mets, so winning these next 2 and perhaps starting Bob Howry for the remaining 3 would be a smart move. 

Santana and Blanco prepare for their off season paintball league

I was only half-serious about throwing the last 3 games.  I would still love to reach the 100 win mark, but we would have to go 5 for 5 to finish the season. Tonight we have Crazy Z throwing - hopefully he can have a quality outing to end the season and not be emotionally unstable for the playoffs.