Even in Defeat, We Piss Off the Brewers

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Even in Defeat, We Piss Off the Brewers

. Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The time-honored "we're only 1 game back in the wild card race!" celebration. In Milwaukee, you take your celebrations where you can get them

Last night was a ho-hum Casey McGehee-centric game that didn't have a bit of influence on the standings. Still, it would have been nice if Chad "Ow, my back!" Gaudin didn't give up four runs in 1/3 or if Sean Marshall could have held on to the 2-0 lead he had until the 5th. Bright spots were F-Fuk going 2-4 (Succeed, damn you!), and Angel Guzman looking better.

But the real upside is that the Brewers are righteously pissed that our lineup featured Marshall, McGeehee, Cedeno, and Hank White. At least, that's what they were talking about this morning on ESPN 1000. Like we're expected to field a full lineup every day from here on out with 95 wins under our belt. I suppose that somehow, they think that we should be trying our utter damndest at the end of the season to burn out our players so their choking asses can slither into the post-season. Of course, they might not have had to worry about this if they hadn't decided to take a month and a half off to slump.

Nightmare fuel

The advantage of clinching homefield advantage a week before the end of the season is the opportunity to rest the starters and get the rotation in order. And now it's supposed to be our business that Manny Parra and Jason Kendall aren't good enough to lead a team to the playoffs? Please. I'm sure their attitudes might change sometime between the 25th and the 26th - but that's just my guess. They're going to solve the problem the only way they know how - by pitching CC Sabathia at the work-rate of a 1908 ace pitcher. So enjoy him today. And Sunday. And maybe a few days in between.