Cubs Kind of Sweep

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cubs Kind of Sweep

. Tuesday, September 16, 2008

" like....stuff?"

The Cubs kinda swept the Astros in a 2 but should be 3 game home kind of but should be away series. Either way, we won, the didn't, so call it what you will. Ted Lilly came out the day after Z pitched a no-hitter and in comparison, looked mediocre. What, you can only go 6+ innings without giving up a hit? Z goes all 9, no big deal. I suppose I will take it though, and hope this signifies the turnaround in Lilly (just in time for playoff temper-tantrums!) .

This is cute and whatnot, but we all know women aren't allowed to get an education

The Cubbies pretty much dominated every facet of this game, rocking out 6 runs and making some ridiculous defensive plays. Having to work, like a responsible blogger, I could only listen to the game on the radio. Therefore, I can tell the amazingness of any given play only by how loud the orgasmic "Oh YES!" is by Santo, but on several of them, it sounds like he needs a cold shower. I'm glad we have finally gotten out of our slump (D. Lee - I'm looking at you!) and have stopped hitting like my company softball team (oh no! another ground ball directly to the pitcher!). Only 14 games left, with the magic number at 6.

I believe Santo is still cleaning himself off after this catch

This week brings the final regular season home games. We should hopefully eliminate the Brewers from even the Wild Card, though we have to see Fat Albert and Sheets. Taking this series will complete the downward spiral that is the Milwaukee Brewers, and hopefully shut up the fans that don't really know anything about baseball and only pay attention when their team is winning (true story: I told a to remain nameless co-worker, from Wisconsin and a self-proclaimed Brewers fan that Ned Yost had just been fired. Response: who?). So let's send off Wrigley in style, and kick some NL Central ass.