Cubs 4 - Brewers 3: Cubs Hand CC First Loss. Also a South Beach Bar

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cubs 4 - Brewers 3: Cubs Hand CC First Loss. Also a South Beach Bar

. Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Midway through the trip to first, Ellis Island officials chased Blanco down, ripped the name off of his jersey, and sewed on the name White

If I may briefly skip to the end of last night - holy shit, that slider was amazing. It was looking especially dire, and Fielder seemed to have Kerry's speed down. I was hoping for a fly out, maybe a ground out, but certainly not a stunned-looking Prince Fielder about to drown his sorrows in a 50 gallon drum of Marshmallow Fluff. For once, Kerry Wood surprised me.

It takes a big man to wear a big necklace

I thoroughly enjoy last night's crap kicking for a number of reasons. It got the Magic Number down to 4, which means poorly-designed NL Central hats and shirts for all soon enough. It also means the first loss in the National League for former Wiconsin messiah Cheese Chomper Sabathia, which stops the increasingly-pathetic bragging of those Brewers fans not yet off the bandwagon. Also, it meant a first game loss for interim manager Dale Sveum, confirming the train wreck that everyone had hoped it would pull out of with the loss of the Yost Infection.

"You're not a real manager - sit your interim ass down!"

Dempster Baby was good enough to get his 16th win of the season. Let me repeat that - Ryan Dempster, who both Steve and myself used to hate with a passionate ferocity, is now a 16-win ace-level pitcher and a cuddly Canadian favorite of WAIW. It's crazy how quickly things can change. I still stand by hating Ryan Dempster the closer, but luckily that player is dead, and it turns out a 16-win starter was hiding in the corpse, like Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back.

"O Canada - Fuck Yeah!"

Credit must also go to Henry Blanco, whose tattoos and scowl must make him look terrifying to Brewers relievers. His big 2-out RBI in the bottom of the 8th turned out to be the winning run after Kerry Wood tried a little too hard to make things interesting. He was brought on after Daryl Ward was used as a decoy in those of those managerial pissing contests. I'm just glad D.Ward didn't get the at-bat, or we may still be cursing Captain Coronary Sabathia's unblemished record.

Sabathia needs to stop keeping White Castles in his glove

Despite it looking really good at the moment, I personally won't celebrate our division until we've actually clinched. Maybe it's the optimistic pessimism that comes with being a Cubs fan, or maybe being a fan has left me in a sort of permanent flinch, like how James Carville looks. Either way, I don't like when people bring out the W flags before the game is over, and I don't want to start celebrating our division championship yet, either. For now, let's just celebrate the Brewers spiraling further down and CC cashing his last few paychecks before departing to New York, Anaheim, or wherever else is willing to add a nacho bar to the clubhouse.

Prince Fielder celebrates the long-awaited debut of the Taco Bell Volcano Taco - Now! With late-season disappointment ... I mean lava ... sauce!