Brewers Win, But Their Pitcher Has Ben Feeling Like Sheets (Snap?)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brewers Win, But Their Pitcher Has Ben Feeling Like Sheets (Snap?)

. Thursday, September 18, 2008

This man represents the team from the sexiest city. Not even ProActive could help this man.

Whenever Jason Marquis is pitching, it is already a loss in my mind. So it came as no surprise when I turned on the game in the second to find we were down 3-0. Call it pessimism if you like, but it allows me the ability to be pleasantly surprised by even the most pedestrian of accomplishments (ya Jason! you made it the the 6th!!!). Then there is the other side of me, the selfish side, that wants to see the Cubs clinch in person. Having tickets to Sunday's game it would take a bad stretch to make it happen, but it would be a nice party to be at (see: title of blog).

"Will levitate bats for food"

On offense, we looked as impotent as R. Kelly with a 20 year old:

When asked if he liked teenage girls, Kelly replied: "When you say teenage, how -- how old are we talkin' ... 19?"

"I have some 19-year-old friends," he added. "But I don't like anybody illegal, if that's what we're talking about, underage."

That's comforting. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love technicalities as much as the next person. That's why I always win at board games. It just seems a little convenient that all his "friends" are just above the legal age. Alas, this tangent is over. Cubs offense sucked.

This is the nanciest looking slide I have ever seen

Cubs go again in the afternoon today. A win here will bring the magic number to 2, and possibly setting up my Sunday clinch festivities. Rich Harden is going, and if he looks anything like the last game, we should send Milwaukee out of town more depressed than Laura Winslow after Stefan went back into the transformation chamber and returned to Steve Urkel form. Did I do that?