Astros 9 - Cubs 7: Z Gone, Patience Soon to Follow

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Astros 9 - Cubs 7: Z Gone, Patience Soon to Follow

. Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I think Geoff Blum doubles as that kid who made everyone cry by hitting all of those three point shots (I know, I'm sorry)

Remember yesterday, when I said we were all resilient? I stand by that - except now we can add "pissed" to the list of things that we are. Especially after last night's tragically shitty loss to the 12 game back Houston Astros. We gave up a bases loaded chance in the first, we gave up a 3 run lead, we gave up a bases loaded situation in the eighth, and we gave up a two on no out situation in the bottom of the 9th - somewhere in there, we also gave up Z to whatever is wrong with his arm. Fuck me, I'm getting pissed at sports lately.

Oh wow, another inning-ending double play. Really fuckin original at this point.

Can someone explain to me how we make Backe throw 30 pitches in the first inning, hit four home runs, and still lose ... to the damn Astros? Oh, wait, I know how - Fucking Bob Fucking Howry. 0.0 IP, 4H, 4R, 4ER, 1BB. Why, for the love of Lou, why do we continue to throw this single-A bum during close games? Or at all? Why isn't he selling cotton candy and foam claws in the aisles by now? (no way I'd let him sell beer, peanuts, or dogs) Now we've got a gassed bullpen and still lost the series ... to the damn Astros.

I don't blame Kerry - I didn't want to be watching either

I'm not happy with Kerry Wood blowing the game in the top of the 11th, but he's really the person I'm least pissed at. He shouldn't have had to go 2 in a game that we should have had locked down. We shouldn't have been playing from behind at all. I want to vomit in Bob Howry's mouth.

Howry's mentor and former pitching coach

So we're a little bummed today, a little pissed at life. After all, if we were playing anywhere near the level of a division leader, we'd have an extra two games on the Brewers, who keep losing to the Mets. Of course, should we decide to start winning again, I'm sure the Fat Bastards will go on a subsequent tear. All in all, the WAIW offices are a sad place to be. It's decorated like a funeral, and we're about to load a Bob Howry effigy into a rowboat and set it alight Viking style. Of course ... we don't really have an office (except GChat when Steve and I aren't too busy), so it's really two working schlubs making themselves depressed all day.

Who will answer the team's call for a hero? Ryan Dempster will, with the Winwood-esque cry of "Call on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Call on me. Call on meeeeeeeeeee"

But you know what? Today is going to be different, by Harry. If there's one thing to snap us out of these bitchy doldrums, it's a Canadian ninja/prankster/starting pitcher. Yes, boys and girls of the Blue and White, we have Ryan Dempster throwing today for our beloved Cubbies. And he's going to change shit. The man needs his 16th win like Prince needs to hit Apollonia with a phone book. He's got an extra day's rest, an extra amount of incentive and hell, an extra testicle for all we know. The Astros are going to be shitting themselves. Randy Wolf won't know what hit him in the groin like a heat-seeking groin rocket.

Just don't let Bob Howry pitch.

Still Winwood. Damn, that's some hot Adult Contemporary