Astros 3 - Cubs 0: Not a Good Day

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Astros 3 - Cubs 0: Not a Good Day

. Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Perhaps I should swing with a bat instead of a helmet next time"

Labor day saw the entire WAIW staff (of two) go on an outing to that most magical of places - the right field bleachers. Unfortunately, the offense was as bad as the day was hot. And despite a not-bad outing from Jason Marquis, our bats still haven't woken up to pre-Phillies levels, and we've now lost 3 in a row at home for the first time all season. There's never a bad day to be in the Wrigley Field bleachers, but it was a different story in the batter's box Monday for your Boys in Blue.

Sure he threw a wild pitch to let a run score, but it's okay, he was a football player at Notre Dame*. (*Comment filtered through asshole reasoning)

When you sit in the 200 and 500 sections as often as we do, you take for granted the fact that shade is a most precious commodity at the ballpark. Four rows in up right field, however, you come to that sticky realization rather quickly. Heat makes me fussy - but heat and a sad-sack offense struggling to even foul off a Roy Oswalt pitch would make for depression in a lesser park. Fortunately, we were able to stave off despair with the time-honored "Drink Beer to Quench Your Thirst" strategy. It's all that kept Steve from hanging himself with a W flag following Derrek Lee's heartbreaking warning track flyout for the last out of the 9th. As for me, I didn't notice. By then, the heat had gotten me to the point where I was hallicinating a naked Wilford Brimley dancing on my grave and eating a malt cup.

In case you doubt our Cubs/ND connection with Samardzija and suburban fans

They say you can't win them all, but this weekend was a particularly shit one for yours truly. After incredible wins on Thursday and Friday, the Cubs fell three straight times to inferior opposition. Then my beloved UT Volunteers absoltely gave away their season opener to UCLA (which, I should note, happens every time Steve bets on them). Earlier, the Celtic Football Club derailed their early-season momentum by losing at home to Glasgow Rangers in a rivalry that puts Catholics and Protestants and alcohol and bricks all together. And just to top things off, the Chicago Fire lost yet again. Literally none of my teams won this weekend. And yet I still had a great time going to the game, and you know I'll be watching tonight, just like always. We Cubs fans are nothing if not resilent. Go Cubs Go!


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