Holy Crap Weather 2, Cubs 0: Thunder, Lightning, and Losing

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Crap Weather 2, Cubs 0: Thunder, Lightning, and Losing

. Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The scary, foreboding weather made Rob Drake's "Left Behind" re-enactment club all giddy

Perhaps we Cubs fans have been too cocky in first place. I believe this may be the case, because the powers that be gave Chicago one hell of a smiting last night. We were smote like a motherfucker. Honestly, after getting stuck in a bar/pizza place (D'Agostino's in Lakeview, if you must know) with the power flickering on and off during the worst of it, I missed most of the game. Turns out, apocalyptic storms aren't the best environment in which to watch DirecTV. Rumors spread around the place of a tornado sighted near Navy Pier, and we briefly held hope of that benighted tourist trap being swept from the face of Our Fair City like so much stubble-ridden shaving cream. Anyway, while we were drinking Goose Island and getting our estates in order, someone purporting to be either Elvis or Lou Piniella's Italian cousin had some fun with the rain delay.

Not graceful, but still better than bowing out on the toilet

These two gents are in charge of restraining a fat, wet Elvis impersonator in the middle of Wrigley Field during a summer storm. And yet they wear stone-faced expressions in the middle of the funniest situation I've seen in awhile. Have you no souls, gentlemen?

Steve lost power (and still doesn't have it), and I got to see a lot of lightning and go "wow!" like I used to do when I was 6. Somewhere in there, they started playing again, and finally called the miserable game. We lost 2-0, but the Brewers went down in much more agreeable weather, so we've still got 5 on the sausage racers. We get another chance tonight, with Harden on the mound. Hopefully shit isn't so crazy, and I can actually watch us play, and hopefully win.


wolfie said...

love to see the democracy in action on the rami vote. looks like its going down to the wire (you do follow chicago voting rules, right?)

Emily said...

I wonder if this was a publicity stunt for Elvis Week 2008...


Steve said...

I wonder if THIS is a publicity stunt for Elvis Week 2008...