Cubs Turn 80

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cubs Turn 80

. Monday, August 25, 2008

Jason Marquis, using the strategy from "Rookie of the Year" after Henry Roengardner discovers he can no longer pitch

This weekend saw the Cubs go from being horrible (13 runs to the Nationals) to spectacular (Rich Harden with a ridiculous 11 strikeouts). I’m not saying that we will win every game, but their ups and downs are more baffling than why I liked “Ernest Scared Stupid” as a child.

Friday’s loss put Marquis’ August ERA north of 5. I am thankful that we don’t have to rely on him in the playoffs, but I also fear that without him we could strain Harden too much. It’s the ultimate in circular logic, so much so, that I have made an illustrative graph for your enjoyment:

In the end, the only way we don’t have to use Jason Marquis is if we use Jason Marquis. I will allow that to sink in.

Eddie Vedder and Chris Chelios enjoy the game together...I smell sitcom!

Games 2 and 3 saw us return to how we should be playing when teams of the Nationals caliber come to town. Solid pitching, consistent offense (though we did leave a lot of runners stranded). Mark DeRosa has been playing lights out, hitting home runs in 4 straight games. This may be a bit aggressive, but could it be said that he is the most important player to our team? His versatility has made it possible for us to continue on when guys get injured or tired without taking a hit defensively or offensively.

Sunday’s win marked the Cubs’ 80th on the season, bringing the totally to 80-50. I think that less than 100 wins would be a disappointment and could even mean that we enter the playoffs as a wildcard instead of division champ. With so many games against the Cards and Brewers, and a tough upcoming series against the Phillies, we certainly have our work cut out for us.