Cubs Take Booty

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cubs Take Booty

. Monday, August 25, 2008

Ted Lilly got the win, despite throwing the ball directly at the back of his head

John, being half the expert he is, was telling me that he was worried about tonight’s match. I told him that we were playing the Pirates. Of course, me being the other half expert that I am, was correct. Today was all Cubs, as the promising young Pirate Jeff Karstens was taken out after 3 innings after allowing 5 runs. He was knocked around more than Cody from Step By Step’s wife on an anniversary.


Truly a team effort today, with 12 runs on 17 hits, including 3 from Soriano, Lee, Edmonds, and Fukudome. This game was so out of reach, all 13 position players were subbed in at one point. It must be an embarrassment to be on the Pirates. How are you supposed to feel if you are trying to pitch and you see an usher cleaning up the aisle in the expensive seats, as shown here:

Even the usher wants to hurry the hell out of PNC Park.

The Cubs really need to take this series, and I hope we can see Zambrano get back in a groove. We know that I certainly don’t want to see the balance of the series fall in Marquis’ hands, and Z can use a confidence building game against a team that gets fewer hits than Stephanie’s boyfriend on Full House when she is on the mound (ok…I admit that reference might not be for everyone).