Cubs Beating Reds Headline. Clever Ones Already Used.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cubs Beating Reds Headline. Clever Ones Already Used.

. Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ramirez knew is was a bad idea to help move Dempster's sofabed.

The Cubs beat the Reds...again tonight. It is so great watching Dusty, who still manages to think he has a winning ballclub, lose after all he did for the Cubs (ya, so I liked "In Dusty, We Trusty"...I'm fickle, get over it). Rich "Insert Erect Penis Joke" Harden looks like even more of a steal, striking out 10 in 7 innings. He made the Reds look like the every team the Indians played in a "Major League" montage after Wild Thing started to wear glasses. It was good to see, especially he got the usual offensive support he gets...until the 8th inning.

If we were playing a game of Limbo, Theriot totally would've cheated.

Dear Reader, I want you to know that I was actively studying for a portion of the CPA that I am taking on Thursday for much of the game (which explains why John has had to pick up my slack). After satisfactorily completing a practice exam, I decided to reward myself with a Sierra Nevada and the conclusion of the Cubs game. I tuned in the bottom of the 7th, just in time to see Harden strike some fool out to preserve the 1-0 lead, and to hear the Northwestern lacrosse players butcher the stretch faster than anyone I have ever seen (for those of you not privy, they screwed up the "1-2-3" in a slightly less than "Wrigley Stadium" embarrassing fashion). Bottom of the 7th comes and goes like they rent Wrigley by the hour. Marmol is brought in, no worries. Then the bottom of the 8th happens and we blow the game wide open. The Cubs scored 4, with RBIs by Lee, Ramirez, and Fukudome (getting 2, after they intentionally walked Reed). The Reds put up no fight after that, and the Cubs went on to win 5-0.

This marks the first time all year Soriano has been off the ground when not fielding a routine fly-ball.

The win tonight, coupled with an Brewers loss, puts us 6 games up in the division. We can really use this homestand to cement our lead in the Central, with 2 more against the 22 1/2 (?!!) back Reds and the 25 (!??!?!?!?!) back Nationals. I really can't think of any reason why we should lose a game. Except we still have to pitch Marquis.