Cubs 11 - Astros 7: The Power Comes Back On

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cubs 11 - Astros 7: The Power Comes Back On

. Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DeRosa, having to outrun neither storm clouds nor a throw to the plate

With the gracious goodwill of the sun holding court over the Friendly Confines yesterday, storm-battered Chicagoans collectively peeked their heads out of various improvised gopher holes to see our Boys in Blue take revenge for Monday's end of the world-shortened loss. Hooray for 41 word sentences.

Sweet Lou calls for our most infuriating reliever. Look at Harden's face - he knows how it's going to end.

It wasn't as easy as the final scoreline read, nor was it as easy as a 6-1 lead with Harden on the mound would have seemed. Teflon Rich Harden, previously as invincible as a vegetable in the Tom Skilling household, literally wilted under the post-storm humidity and the offensive demands of N.L. pitching. By the time Harden exited, the lead was a tenuous 6-5, although credit is due for a not terrible performance. After all, the offense was clicking.

Offensive achievement was spread out among Soriano, D.Lee, and the resurgent DeRosa. I wish Fukudome wasn't so quiet lately, but he did earn an RBI despite leaving 4 on. So even with Harden's Golden Girl-esque reaction to the humidity, a 6-5 lead and hot bats should have carried the day.

But they almost didn't, because Sweet Lou continues to put his trust in the continually bad Bob Howry. He got out of the last 1/3 of the 6th, but Piniella apparnetly succumbed to heat stroke and let Bumbling Bobby back out for the 7th with that razor-thin one run lead. It was an up and down innning, with Kaz Matsui singling and advancing to second on a fielder's choice, Hunter "Fancy" Pence striking out. With a runner in scoring position and two outs, historical Cub-puncher Cliff Lee settled into the box. So we're all imagining the intentional walk that is going to bring up some priss named Geoff Blum for a soft 3rd out. Instead, Bob Howry thinks he can go at Cliff Lee, and suddenly the Astros are ahead on a shot that destorys my last bit of faith in the reliever we here at WAIW have derided all summer.

Funny guy, that Cliff Lee. Still think it's funny today, douchebag?

Ron Santo, the Wrigley crowd, and Bob Howry's shitty pitch are all crushed. But our year has seen the Cubs respond to unfortunate pitching mistakes in the next half-inning. Certainly, this is a trait not exhibited during the early to mid '90s Cubs teams of my youth. While in some other years, we might have packed it in and blamed in on the heat, our 08 Cubbies bitch-slapped (or bastard-slapped, in the interest of gender equality) the ugly maroon hicks for 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th. Alfonso Soriano reminded us yet again why we forgive his free-swinging ways and defensive ridiculousness with a go-ahead 3-run homer that set off an explosion of happiness in the Wrigleyville area.

Soriano wins the game, buying him 3 more hop-related injury forigvenesses

Kerry "Blister in the Sun" Wood came on for the 8th inning and gave up one hit and nothing else. While not at his pre-All Star level, he looked solid enough for a man coming off an infuriatingly nagging injury. Marmol again looked good closing out the game, even if the we're still skittish about letting him into our once-broken hearts.

Today we send Marquis against Brandon Bakke - still, I remain optimistic.