Cubs 10/8 - Braves 2/0: Anybody Left to Pitch Today?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cubs 10/8 - Braves 2/0: Anybody Left to Pitch Today?

. Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soriano was already high-fiving his teammates when he realized the ball had actually hit the wall instead of going out

I believe that tonight's game may very well see Reed Johnson come off of the bench - as a reliever. Yesterday, our Cubbies went through an astonishing eight pitchers (nine if you count us using Neil Cotts twice) in the process of twice dismantling the Braves. Which, by the way, is something I never get tired of - I still recall the 1998 divisional round. Bastards.

Marquis pitches way better when he makes the mean face

The day half of the doubleheader saw a few interesting things - Soriano pulling a Ramirez and watching a ball, a nervous rookie pitcher ejected for throwing behind Fonzie, and Atlanta manager Bobby Cox getting ejected over an issue with Turner Field's lights. It also saw Jason Marquis pull his record to a winning 8-7. Not bad to have a fifth starter with a winning record. I know we give Marquis a lot of crap, but even Matt Clement (a talented guy in his own right) went 9-13 for the Cubs in '04. Kosuke had another 0-4 game, dropping his average for August to .093 - a Garth Brooks in Padres camp-esque number. Fortunately, he redeemed himself in ...

Let us hope this is but the beginning of Kosuke's awesome 80s montage

Game two, where he went 2-5 with a stolen base and had a huge two-RBI single in the first that put the game almost out of reach from the get-go. Clearly, we here at WAIW are big Fukudome fans (I occasionally go Karate Kid with the headband at games), but Fuku needs a bunch more games like this one to get back to the level where we expect him to be.

"Wait, major league games go HOW MANY innings?"

Despite not looking superior, new favorite Rich Harden got the W to run his record to 2-1 with our Boys in Blue. It looked dicey in the 3rd, when he walked three in a row to load the bases with two outs before grounding out the last batter. He gave up only 2 hits and no runs, but at the same time, only lasted 5 innings and 92 pitches. Between him and Marquis, Cubs starting pitchers only went 10.1 innings during yesterday.

Mark DeRosa beats Gregor Blanco on "Right Foot Green"

Unless Theodore Roosevelt Lilly can go deep today against Tom Glavine, we've got a pretty worked-over bullpen to use. Still, you can't argue with the sweep of a doubleheader. I almost wish I had two W flags to hang in my window.