What Would Drake Do?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Would Drake Do?

. Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rob Drake couldn't hear Lou, as he was too busy thinking of his favorite Joel Osteen sermons

Well...it has happened again. Shit-licker Rob Drake has ejected Lou for the second time this year. We have gone on and on about how much we hate this joke of an umpire, and it amazes me that he is still allowed in major league games. He is reportedly an umpire for "vacation" umps. What the hell kind of bargaining agreement does MLB have with the umpires that they can even take vacation? There whole job is traveling, and they only do that April - October (or, in Drake's case, hopefully September). How is Disciple Drake getting all of this action?

"Jesus doesn't save douchebags!"


Jen said...

What's cracking me up is when the series started and Len mentioned the crew, my ears perked up at "Rob Drake" and I said, "Ooh, maybe he'll do something stupid we can use against him." Thanks Rob, you came through big time. Can't wait to see what he pulls tomorrow.

Hope you don't mind the many plugs to your blog, you did such good research on the assbag, I thought the world (or 10 readers I have) should be informed.

Steve said...

he makes me want to stab babies.

as for you referencing our site - thanks, i saw that yesterday and was proud. with your 10, we have practically doubled our readship.