Swept Up The Trash

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swept Up The Trash

. Thursday, July 31, 2008

In conjunction with the Wisconsin State Fair, the 3rd inning was played in the Gravatron

I could not have asked for a better 4 game sweep. The Johnny-come-lately's to the north got there comeuppance this week (ya, that's right, I sound like your 80 year-old neighbor whose testicles show as he yells at you from his lawn chair). With the exception of the opener (and really, Lilly v. CC, the notion seems ridiculous), the Brewers were not even close in this series. Their fielding was awful, batting weak, and pitching suckassey. It was everything I always wanted.

At first, Edmonds was confused, as "Grand Slam" meant pounding a beer before your car started in St. Louis

Over the past two games, Dempster and Harden pitched absolutely incredibly. I'm pretty pleased that Harden finally got a win for the Cubs, as he has been lights out since we got him. Additionally, Dempster earned his 12th win on the year, making him a viable Cy Young candidate. Even counting Marquis, we have hands-down the best rotation in baseball. Every team we face this year will have to go against either Z, Dempster, or Harden. Unfortunately, we are in one of the best divisions in baseball, so I still don't think we will finish more than 5 games up.

Clearly taken before all the Brewers fans left in the 5th inning

With the sweep, the Brewers have fallen to 3rd place in the division. We are currently 4 1/2 games up over the Cards, which will make next weekend's series that much more intense (and make me much happier that I scored Saturday tickets the day they went on sale). So let's enjoy it, pound on the Pirates, and continue to stay ahead.

Editor's Note: John is executing a move this weekend, and I will be in Louisville. As such, read old posts and pretend they are new.


Bree said...

After today's home run and grand slam, I motion that Edmonds be moved up on the Jim-O-Meter. All in favor of Cubbie Blue, say 'Aye.'

Steve said...

Bree, you read my mind. I was going to bust out the Jim-O-Meter. I shall second your motion. I guess since I am co-author I can make it happen then?