Making It Harden Him

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making It Harden Him

. Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Any loss is tough, but it really stings on NASCAR day

After a busy week of work and a weekend trip of debauchery down in Nashville, I finally got to watch a complete Cubs game in what seems like an eternity. Having missed the games Friday and Saturday, and only seeing the second half of Sunday, I assumed we were up to business as usual for knocking up tons of runs. After the game, I checked the boxes over the weekend, and thought “Glad I missed that.” Turns out, their offensive impotency is not just of the “I don’t get it, this never happens to me” variety.

Rich Harden pitched a spectacular game, going 7 “dirt” (thanks, Sean Marshall!) innings giving up 1 hit – which happened to be a solo shot to Alex Romero – and striking out 10. Is there a bigger shame that Harden has gone 2 games, allowed 1 earned run, and is 0-1. Are the Cubs being passive aggressive, and really miss Red Head Aggression? It’s the only way to explain it.

Since no one cares about him, Alex Romero decides to keep track of his career home run totals

Trying to think of something to say about the offense, but it is hard. Too many double plays, too many lead off runners on and nothing to show for it. And frankly, whose idea was it to perpetuate the lie that Daryle Ward is a good pinch hitter? He his 14 hits this year. And I have trouble even believing that. Even if we forget about that, you still have Derrek Lee killing any momentum we had for a 9th inning rally by getting jammed at the plate for a double play after Theriot and Fukudome both reached with 0 outs.

Knowing umpire Mark Wegner to be a softie for Bollywood musicals, Chris Snyder slides in with flair

So now we have Jason Marquis going tonight against Yusmerio Petit. I would be lying to say that I am ever confident when Marquis is pitching, I will say that he is better when he is off of extra rest. His last start was on July 11, where he pitched 7 shutout innings, after 10 days of rest. And that, dear reader, is a perfect example of the cursed optimistic Cubs attitude.