Cubs Lose 1, Dusty Smug

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cubs Lose 1, Dusty Smug

. Friday, July 11, 2008

Ted Lilly trying to hide, like the time he hugged his new kitten too hard

Cubs got knocked around, allowing the Reds to blast off 7 home runs in a 12-7 loss on Thursday. The man, the myth, the Lilly last a solid 2.2 innings, giving up 4 earned runs. The only thing that made it slightly ok was the Tribune's print article titled "Lilly not in his element" which of course makes me think of The Big Lebowski. So I guess the lowly Tribune sports beat writer has saved you this time, Lilly. But unless you really tie the room together with your next start, don't expect it to happen again.

They waited 3 hours before first pitch to get these seats, and all they have to show for it are exposed beer-bellies and shame.

With the Reds knocking out 7, you would imagine with the Cubs stacked lineup we would be able to hit our fair share, especially with the wind blowing out. The only one that could hand it, however, was Malibu Mike, hitting his 4th in the last 12 games. We did manage to put up 7 runs, which isn't too shabby. Today's game is definitely on the pitchers.

Through a translator, Fukudome learns that this is the equivalent to losing to the Nagoya Chunichi Dragons prior to Tom Selleck turning the team around.

Tough game, but we got the also sub-par Giants coming in today. I will be fortunate enough to take part in the Friday Chicago tradition of skipping out of work to go watch game today - what do you expect from a generation raised on Ferris Bueller? We are still on track for my 5 of 6 prediction, though I was banking on a sweep of the Reds.