Cubs 5 - Reds 1: ZambranOh Yeah!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cubs 5 - Reds 1: ZambranOh Yeah!

. Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zambrano's patented "puffy face" technique fooled hitters all night

We love bad puns here at WAIW, and Crazy Carlos' amazing shut-down of the Reds last night gave us the opportunity to break out the absolute gem you see above. Frankly, even before his injury, Big Z had a couple of sluggish efforts under his belt. Neither Steve or I expected he would come back with two shutdown games against division opponents. It's nice to be wrong sometimes. Also, it's nice to be surprised, like when the King of Meltdowns reacts like this to the Adam Dunn jack that put the Reds up 1-0:

"That was a bad pitch," Zambrano said. "After that I said, 'Forget about it, just pitch your game. You feel good today and just think about three or four more innings. Pitch your game and don't worry about a home run.'" (AP)

Who are you, sir?

Credit Adam Dunn for some class, as well. After the game, he told reporters that Z's 103 pitch night was one of the best performances he's seen in awhile. He even credited his early home run to the only mistake of the night by the man called El Toro (by others than myself). Is it sad that I'm now awed when an MLB star acts in a non-douche manner?

I'm glad Jon Miller wasn't calling this game, or we'd have heard something like "Sayonara, 野球." And that's because Jon Miller is a mouth-breathing idiot.

Things at the plate started slowly, but an A-Ram bomb in the 6th eventually opened the floodgates. Fukudome and Lee did their best to give the Cubs some insurance (likeagoodneighborStateFarmisthere) in the 7th with back to back RBI doubles. Cueto was yanked immediately after, and A-Ram responded by hitting in D.Lee to run the score to 5-1.

This particular Johnny fared about as well as those depicted in tragic 1950s love songs. He'd better stay away from hot-rodding.

End of story, right? Not exactly. After retiring the first two batters in the 9th - well, Paul Bako and Corey Patterson, so more like 1.34 batters - Marmol had another of his terrifyingly frequent shaky spells. 5-1 doesn't look as good when you give up a base hit and then walk the next two batters. Bako stepped on his foot during the first out of the inning, but unless there's an arm tendon hiding in his foot, I think there's more to the story. Get fixed, Marmol! WAIW is just hovering over the keyboard, waiting to once again type the word FILTHY next to your name.

Note to Marmol: Be like this man - except without the screaming and punching

Woody came in to clean things up, and we all went to bed a bit more tense than we should have been. Or maybe that was from the yelling match I had with my landlord during the 2nd inning. Either way, Cubs go for the sweep today. Go Lilly, Go!