Cubs 10 - D'Backs 6: (Alleluia Noises)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cubs 10 - D'Backs 6: (Alleluia Noises)

. Thursday, July 24, 2008

It was a bittersweet victory, as Reed had given up the beloved molestache earlier in the week

Reed Johnson and Ted Lilly had big hits last night - former trucker stache enthusiast Johnson (sadly now back to the Disturbed singer look) hit a grand slam (he can do that?) and Old Noodle Arm came up with a big RBI single in the fifth and managed to steal third base afterward. Ted Lilly now has 10 wins, which absolutely blows my mind, because I've watched him pitch.

Soriano came back, going 1-5 with a double. We'll take it.

Last night was a good showing - if only we could have had some of that production in the first two games. What I'm really worried about at the moment is that since the break, we're either scoring 1 or 10. We need to return to that steady standard of production that got us to the top of the division. Especially since those fat, cheddar-scented bastards from Milwaukee have swept the Cardinals and pulled within a single game. I can feel the tinge of failure from their fat, worthless asses - we need to open up a bigger lead in the division.

My hate of the Brewers is really starting to become pronounced, is it not? That's it for me - hooray for truncated coverage!


cubbiejulie said...

reed's mustache was putrid. that thing had to go.

Jen said...

Don't the assholes play one more game in St. Louis? Or are you just assuming that they've got the sweep anyway since it's Sheets v. Wellemeyer?

Steve said...

listen jen...we never claimed to be accurate.

additionally, i think we both have mentally checked out in preparation for the buffett concert tonight.