AL 4 - NL 3: That's okay, we won't need 7

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AL 4 - NL 3: That's okay, we won't need 7

. Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Don't worry," the Boston fans said, "that's just Manny being ... terrified."

Last night - and a surprisingly large part of this morning - the American and National leagues played their annual tilt, which our NL boys haven't won since 1996. Seriously - I was most likely listening to Blues Traveler and wondering what in the holy hell a uterus was. Anyway, it ended in predictably shitty fashion. The AL won again, and I had a late bedtime.

Actually, that may be disingenuous. Steve and I were texting back and forth throughout the latter stages of the game, where it looked like the perennial doormat might pull this one out on what could be a very important year. The last 3-4 of Steve's messages, however, came only to a man with that horrible, mouth-open, "I fell asleep and woke up to the Chop Wizard infomercial" sleep going on.

Oh yeah, blame it on your girlfriend. Real classy.

What I did not miss, though, was Dan Uggla trying to single-handedly lose the game. 3 errors, 3 (embarassing) K's, and a double play that took away the NL's best chance to win. Thanks, you son of a bitch, but we always planned on winning the Series in 6 or sooner.

Dempster Baby high-fives the minor injury crowd.

Fuku and Soto didn't do much at the plate, but then again, neither did most of the All-Stars for the first half of this interminable game. What I'd like to focus on is Dempster's performance. His twitchy-glove thing had Mark Summers enthralled and AL batters baffled throughout the inning that he pitched. 3 up, 3 down, 3 K. We owe you a pint, Dempster Baby. All credit to Zambrano, as well. El Toro should have been starting. Also, Marmol apparently fixed himself for this particular game. We're not even going to try to read into that one.

Despite all the chances you could hope for, Miguel Tejada's effort, and my personal voodoo incantation, it looks like our Boys in Blue aren't going to have home field advantage for the big show. The AL won it on a weak-ass sac fly that succeeded due to an even more weak-ass "throw" to the plate by Corey "I'm not the 'Sunglasses at Night' guy" Hart. That's all-right. We were never much of a procrastinating team.

After rooting for Astros, Cardinals, and Mets at various points, I decided I had to take a shower with a loofah full of Clorox. Stupid game.