Series Preview: Cubs at Rockies

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Series Preview: Cubs at Rockies

. Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet Lou blessing crowds, healing sick, and generally being an awesome guy after dismantling the hated Mets

After sweeping the Mets, Cubs fans (blog staff included) are understandably euphoric. Apart from being one of those teams whose name is always preceded by "the hated," the Mets are also contenders with d-bag fans. Taking both games from them, with Ronny Cedeno slamming the door in their face each time, was more than satisfying - it was damn near erotic.

Following that means traveling to a stadium where sneezing on a baseball can send it into the outfield seats, where our newly confident young pitcher (Rich Hill) will face off against an inexperienced pitcher who posted a losing 2007 (Franklin Morales). Sounds like the perfect venue to continue knocking the crap out of the ball.

It also sounds like a trap to me.

The ultimate hitter's park, and the biggest reason free agent pitchers avoid the Rockies like it's an underage slumber party with Chris Hansen chaperoning.

Let's start out by acknowledging that despite the fact they looked completely out of their league during the 2007 World Series against the suddenly Yankee-like Red Sox, and despite their slow start (9-11, riding a 3 game losing streak), this is still a dangerous team. Garrett Atkins is hitting .321 in the leadoff spot. Rich Hill has an ERA north of 11 in his two trips to Coors Field, both of which ended in losses. I can see things getting ugly early. The next day's game has Jason Marquis against Aaron Cook - I can picture either one of them having a really bad day.

Hill will be flush with confidence, provided no one tells him his strong outing last week was actually against the Pirates.

I think we'll be able to keep the bats hot on the road. With the way Derrek Lee is hitting, Colorado may be extra careful with him. Fine with me - they'll still have to deal with the resurgent Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Theriot's Reed Johnson's consistent play, and the ass whooping stick that is the bat of Kosuke Fukudome. The key to our recent victories has been getting the lead early and giving the pitching staff the confidence to bring the game home. If we can put up a couple before Colorado knows what hit them, we'll be back riding the streak faster than you can ask how those 2007 National League Champions shirts are selling in Denver.

It's ugly and it brings up painful memories! Where do I get one?